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A Pipdilly Classic Returns:

with new songs, new magic,
and lots of new surprises!

The story book opens…two kids are stuck in
Couch Potato Land with their eyes glued to TV.
Super Chef and Vita Girl come to their rescue with
the brilliant I.D.E.A. – a plan to help them escape!

This Musical Comedy uses original songs bursting with energy, comedy, magicand interactive games to
teach kids about health and fitness.  The Pipdillys perform circus skills and comedy routines to share information about a balanced, healthy diet.  They get their audiences up singing and dancing about the importance of imagination, a good attitude, and fun exercise.
“Laugh, Learn, Sing Yourself Silly with the Pipdillys”


“Highly Recommend!” – The Pipdillys put on an excellent performance, interacting easily with children in the audience and not ever missing a beat. Their original songs were catchy and informative, delivered with aplomb, and well-received by those (both big and little) in attendance.  The professionalism of Bo and Gretchen made them a real joy to work with.  - Tamara Golubski, Librarian, Youth Services Supervisor, Richardson Public Library
"Fantastic!!!” - The Pipdillys put on a fantastic, interactive and educational show at the Audelia Road Library. “Escape From Couch Potato Land” was perfect for children of all ages, and was full of fun music and songs that encouraged participation and learning.  We were so happy to have them at our branch! - Laura Dougherty, Dallas Public Library

"These Guys are Outstanding!" – I loved the show, and so did the kids.  The Pipdilly's are very energetic, comical, and very kid friendly.  The change of characters throughout the show kept the kids engaged and eager to learn. When they had them up dancing and reacting with the show it was priceless. I will definitely use these guys again. - 
Stacy Nelson, Director, Electra Public Library

“Loved it!” - Escape from Couch Potato Land” was GREAT!  Students loved it and talked about it for several days.  Great Program!  Thank you so much for coming to Central.  The program was OUTSTANDING!!  See you next year. - Shelley Couch, Teacher, Central Elementary, Dallas

“Always a Great Show!” - Bo and Gretchen are amazing! They always get the kids involved in the show and they love it. I had a parent tell me today that it is one of the best shows she has ever seen at a library. I look forward to working with them every year. - Yolanda Botello, Director, Mansfield Public Library  

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